Bulbz (Hungary) @ Staalplaat Working Space – Berlin

"Bulbz" è una interessante performance di cinema espanso allo Staalplaat Working Space di Berlino (Germania) che avrà luogo il prossimo 19 agosto.

fonte: http://staalplaat.wordpress.com/2009/08/16/19-august-bulbz/

19. August : BULBZ

August 16, 2009

regular and irregular visitors may have noticed the well dressed man in
our place. Hard to recognize without the mask, he is Der Tapeman. Also known of Scherer8,
once among the best places for our kind of sonic experiences, he is not
only one of the loudest and intense live acts in town, but also an
organizer deprived of his home base. So it is only good he joined
forces. A first result towards the programme is the arival of Bulbz. If
you take a look at the pictures
, you can start asking yourself if and how all these projectors will be
used. Come on Wednesday August 19. to see, hear and find the answer. In
case you wear light colored clothes, you might find yourself walking
around in images. Under the picture you find some words by Gabor
Gyorgy, who will introduce the group.


Bulbz, a Hungarian visual group, uses old fashioned techniques.

The leader of the group, Mr. Szeredi Csaba, is a serious collector of old 16mm and 8mm film.

Loud and imposing old projectors roll of old communist propaganda films, homevideos and cartoons

Our group’s aim is to amuse as much people, at as many locations as we can.

The  Street Cinema Project is a special one when at open air.

On the street we amuse people passing by.

To make the experience even better, we play old cinema soundtracks from vinyl.

Wednesday 19. August start 20.00, end a bit later as usual

Bulbz, Super8 Projections from Hungary + DJ-Set

Flughafenstrasse 38

U8 Boddinstrasse

U7 Rathaus Neukölln

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