Je Suis Fou De Dalí!

in attesa delle proiezioni di stasera al giardino dell’Emerson eccovi un po’ di documentazione a proposito del genio indiscusso del Surrealismo:

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989)

fonte Je Suis Fou De Dalí! (1975) —

Le Cinéma

La Méthode Paranoïaque Critique

A year after the release of his Cathar audiovisual opera-poem Etre Dieu, with music composed by Igor Wakhevitch, Salvador Dalí released Je Suis Fou de Dalí, a collection of well-chosen excerpts from an interview with three French journalists: François Deguelt, Jean-Pierre Mottier and Simon Wajntrob. If truth be told, most of it is pure joke and self-promotion, and the difference is tenuous at times between surrealism and senility. But if we set aside the many scatological jokes, some excerpts are simply mindblowing, genuine audio equivalents of a Dalí Surrealist painting.


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